What to do in Hong-kong?

Riding with this¬† bus ūüôā ,is an amazing experienced. The local use this bus as a public transportation in Hongkong with the OCTUPOS card as a convenient cash card¬† that is available as soon as you arrived in the Hongkong International Airport.



It was my first time in Hong Kong and my partner visited H.K way back 2009. We took Gray Line Tours (Hong Kong) Ltd. A two days perfect tour for those who wish to explore Hong Kong famous landmark and try the world famous dim sum lunch at a floating restaurant.


Built in 1847, the temple is dedicated to the Gods, Man (Literature) and Mo (Martial Arts). The temple is notable for its many fine, well-polished brass and pewter incense burners.



Operated for over 125 years, there’s nothing in the world like riding 373 meters long Peak Tram to visit the Victoria Peak. Many skyscrapers buildings you passed ¬†by look like they leaning at a 45 degrees angle!



Standing at 428 meters above sea level, it s the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong. The new “Hong Kong Sky Tour” audio guide will help you to explore HK’s architecture, cuisine, neighborhoods, culture and history while enjoying the 360-degrees panoramic view of Hong Kong.



Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter is an old traditional fishing village which is hard to find in any other parts of the world. You may gain a deeper insight of the lifestyle of Hong Kong fishing folks by riding on a sampan(at your own expenses ).


Stanley market is a Shopper’s Paradise where you can find a wide variety of souvenirs such as silk, garments,sportswear, Chinese artwork and accessories.



Built in 1915 a former Kowloon Station of Kowloon Canton Railway.


Experience “the Venice of the East” was one of the largest inhabited settlement on Lantau Island. The village’s stilt houses on the waterfront, offer a glimpse into Hong Kong’s past and provide a striking contrast with the modern city.



A boat trip to cruise around the old fishing village is included. An highlight of the cruise is the stilts house, unusual, interconnected structures on water that form a tightly-knit fishing community for villagers to live in.


It is set on a 1.5 hectare site on Lantau Island, adjacent of Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal and the Tian Tan  Buddha Statue. This amazing cultural themed village has been architecturally designed and landscaped to reflect the cultural and spiritual integrity of the Ngong Ping area.





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What to visit in Manila area?


Mall of asia is abbreviated as (MOA). It is a shopping mall beside Manila Bay City Pasay,Philippines. It has a land area of 42 hectares, a gross floor area of approximately 406,962 square meters (4.38050√ó106¬†sq¬†ft). MOA is i well known mall that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Philippines. Not only the visitor can shopping but enjoy the breeze of the air of the bay. There are some coffee shop like bar’s where you can enjoy with your friends. The kids can play some rides they offer outside the mall.

Manila Bay



Mount Arayat is an extinct volcano. The forest trail adventure shouldn’t miss to the bucket list of the backpacker’s. The mountain is famous of fairy tale living like God- who take care the forest and mystical creature that inhabits the area. In first trail you can see that there are people or other visitors who wanted to go and pray in every station of the cross. Moving your feet forward you will see two ways in which one is leading to the Summit and Second is the way to the last station of the Cross.

We went there last 2014. So as the other backpacker’s, I also want to save and wish to pay less in the hiking. So we fallow the color yellow paint to lead you in the summit of Mt. Arayat. It was my first time in the area but yeah i grown up in the mountain, I wasn’t afraid of anything unless if someone will do bad. But I don’t recommend to do it to everyone. It still good and safe to have a tour guide with you guys. It was a funny adventure because I myself wonder what’s inside the forest and how to go back. Well at that time the sun is so nice and the air is fresh where you can hear the birds are singing inside the forest. It will help you to encourage and enjoy the adventure.

According to my experience the backpacker should be careful because there are big rocks that aren’t strong enough to hold your weight. You must have a good shoes and of course water is highly recommended to be with you in the trail.



From other provinces of the Philippines I recommend you guys to take a flight to Clark Airport and there are few cheap hotels where you can stay. Then go to terminal and look via Magalang jeepney’s .


What to do in Vigan?

Want some educational trip? For those who like histories vigan is one of the finest historical place. The beauty of the past is preserved just for you…..
Vigan is a city in the Philippines, on the west coast of Luzon island. It’s known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. Calle Crisologo dominates the Mestizo district, with its cobblestone streets, malec√≥n, horse-drawn carriages and rustic mansions. Near the white baroque Vigan Cathedral are Plaza Salcedo, offering fountain light shows, and Plaza Burgos, known for its street-food stalls.

Saint Augustine Church

BANTAY BELL TOWER —–>¬†¬†served as a watchtower for centuries, protecting against pirates and robbers since 1591. The Neo-Gothic tower stands out with its vibrant red brick color and use of clay. The Breathtaking stairs will lead you to the tower to see the view of the city.

bantayan tower
Bantay Bell Tower


As you can see the Bell there has words that are written for decades.The bell is used to alarm the village in case of emergency. The fresh air above is nice but you have to be careful because some of the foundation due to the age isn’t good enough to accommodate few people upstairs.

Honestly what i liked the most is the local people here. The food are good and some hotels are preserved Spanish style houses. You will really feel the difference of the culture compare to other parts of the Philippines. I truly recommend this place to the backpackers who love histories.


How to get there?

Vigan is at least eight (9) hours of land travel from Manila with bus stop in the other terminal heading to north. Several bus lines serve the route including¬†Partas (Contact No: 725-1740, 725-1256, 725-7303, 724-9820), Dominion Bus, Aniceto Bus and Viron Transit that travel directly daily. Meanwhile,¬†Florida Bus Line¬†(Contact No: 731-4473, 781-5894),¬† Baliwag (Contact No: 524-7111, 525-1067, 525-3064, 525-6769, 525-2338, 525-2294), Fari√Īas (Contact No: 743-8582), Maria De Leon Bus Lines, RCJ Bus Lines and F. Franco Transit have daily trips to¬†Laoag, passing by Vigan. The trip is via North Luzon Expressway and Manila North Road passing through the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan and La Union.

Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman island is a paradise. It has an amazing long sandbar. It is located in Palompon leyte. The water is crystal blue and the powder like sand. The beach is the smaller version of Boracay Island. This island isn’t crowded like other famous beaches. You can feel the virgin unpolluted clean water. There are some maritime species like Star fish, Dolphins in the morning especially during 6am going to the Island. No hotel room and there are some officers who take care the place. You need to bring your own cooking materials because the beach is in remote area. Things to bring like Tent, Water, food, and some cooking stuffs. The beach does not allow¬† any soap that is bad for nature and watch out always of your own garbage to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. There are activities that the beach offer like snorkeling, kayaking, swimming etc.



It is important to contact the Local Tourism Office there.You might ask why you need to do this? because the boat cost 3000php and¬† has a capacity of 15 persons. If its summer or pick time season the Office suggest to make sure the area isn’t crowded for the safety of the tourist or visitors.¬† Here are the numbers you need to contact for reservation.


From Manila to Kalanggaman. I suggest you get a ticket because its far to take a bus. There are airlines that offer a Sale of fare from Manila to Tacloban. Then from tacloban airport you need to go to Palompon terminal. There are van that offers a ride to palompon for 250php each.



What to do in the Philippines?


Majestic Falls

Bangon Falls and Tarangban falls¬†—-> The two falls located at the visayas area of Calbayog City Western Samar. The natural majestic falls has its clean and fresh water that is suit for back packers budget. The traveller can enjoy the cheap cost because the people here are nice in accordance to my experience. How to get there?

From manila you can get a plane ticket via Calbayog City through Philippine airlines¬† if you want to spend less time and of course you can get also by bus going to samar area. The Bus will pass by the Baranggay Tinaplacan Highway. The cost from manila to Calbayog by bus is 1,500php. When you are there in Brgy, tinaplacan area, you will see the small terminal going to bangon falls . There are “habal-habal” that is use to go in bangon Falls for 200php as a service then 100php for the tourguide.

From Cebu to Calbayog you can go by Cokaliong Shipping Lines.Please take note that the ship has pick days of travel only so be aware of it. So when you arrived in Calbayog Manguino-o Port you can stay at the nearby hotel called “The coral Reef beach and Resort” . In the highway you can ride Jeepney¬† or Van like( Grand tours) going to Northern Samar and the driver will drop you at Baranggay Tinaplacan.

So now you might wanna ask where is this place located? check this map for more details: https://www.google.com.ph/maps/place/Bangon+Falls/@12.2522248,124.3952912,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x679f9c481836ca4d!8m2!3d12.2522248!4d124.3952912


Bangon falls
Tarangban falls

MALAJOG BEACH —>¬† Malajog beach is an open beach to the public. Its cheap with NO entrance fee. It is one of the common beaches in Calbayog Area of Samar.¬†How to get there?

From Calbayog Airport you can ride a red color public transportation via Branggay malajog. The beach is located in that Baranggay. It cost 20Php from the airport. The backpacker can enjoy the beach till sunset. For the cottages it cost 200php to 350 php depend on the sizes.Malajog 1

China Travel & Living

My first visit in China was in Beijing. We went to see the Great Wall of China. Well everyone of us knows the very famous place in china. Even children and students knows about it because of the subject “history”. I was fascinated with the breathtaking view. Before we reach the top, we need to ride using the cable. Walking on top was an amazing feeling. I was thinking that nothing is impossible because of its unique, ancient and historical place. I experienced not just watching movies like the famous Chinese artist who like to shoot in that area but the reality of the place.The air was fresh. I suggest you guys not to go there in pick days or during Chinese holidays because expect lots of visitors all over the world.

Last time that was last week of October we went there. Not much people there, so we had a great time walking and exploring the historical place.

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